Welcome to the South of England Junior Chess Congress

5th and 6th October 2024

Thank you all for joining us at the Congress. We hope your children enjoyed their weekend of chess, and hope to see you all again next year!

Prize Winners 2023:



1st: Samuel Cupela

2nd: Liubava Maksak

3rd: Advik Bommireddy

4th: Ian Li

Best Girl: Spriha Punjabi



1st: Djan Sennaroglu

2nd: Mithran Subburaj

3rd: Liubava Maksak

4th: Timothy Hsiu-Yao Hu

Best Girl: Nicole Wen



1st: Advik Saxena

2nd: Joshua Gedge

3rd: Richard Kulibaev

4th: Anvikkashri Prabhakaran

Best Girl: Anvikkashri Prabhakaran



1st: Hector Hu

2nd: Jia-Arn Yeung

3rd equal: Gautam Sriram, Kai Subramanian, Max Wen

Best Girl: Lavandi Jayasinghe



1st: George Zhao

2nd equal: Sidhanth Pai, Junyan Hu, Samuel Merchant, Kai Beattie

Best Girl equal: Amarishika Anbalagan, Nuvee Konara



1st: Shaoquan Shi

2nd: Luke Freeman

3rd: Aditya Gupta

4th: Peter Hazell

Best Girl: Avyanna Singh



1st: Daniel Shek

2nd equal: Mohit Kamal Karangad, Igor Aleksandrov

4th equal: Yunus Ahmed, Amanthika Anbalagan, Moksha Suriarachchi

Best Girl: Amanthika Anbalagan



1st: Liam Clery

2nd equal: Luoke Wang, Pengxiao Zhu, Ethan Pang

Best Girl: Ashwina Haria-Skuse



We are pleased to announce that our U13 and U15 sections now also offer half-norm opportunities to join the National Chess Junior Squad for juniors of Year 7 and above.

Entry 2023

For full information about the 2023 event, please click here or download our information leaflet:


Information Leaflet
South of England 2023 entry form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [451.1 KB]

Quick age section calculator as follows:

U7 - Year 2 and below **at Congress date**

U8 - Year 3 and below

U9 - Year 4 and below

U10 - Year 5 and below

U11 - Year 6 and below

U13 - Year 8 and below

U15 - Year 10 and below

We are repeating the introduction of our new U18 section this year so our older entrants can still play. If it is well attended, this will be a permanent fixture. Please spread the word!

Covid-19 Safety Rules


Please note that while there are no legal rules in force in England at the present time, we reserve the right to apply any rules we consider appropriate to the covid situation prevailing at the time of the tournament. Thank you for your cooperation!


We know you will support us in our aim to keeping everyone as safe as possible.


IM Andrew Martin

Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ

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Please enjoy our free chess booklets for beginners and improvers, written by IM Andrew Martin, and sponsored by the ECF and St Catherine's School Bramley:



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