Covid-19 Rules


One accompanying adult per family; a ticket must be obtained (free of charge) on Eventbrite when registering your child. Everyone over the age of 16 must be able to show their NHS vaccination record or proof of a negative PCR test taken within the 48 hours preceding the event. This will be strictly checked and enforced on arrival. Masks optional for players and adults. All rules subject to change. Thank you for your cooperation!

Tournament information


Can I watch my child’s games?

Parents are not allowed to remain in the playing hall while the games are in progress.


Is there supervision for my child all day?

Your child is only supervised while in the playing hall. Between games children are your responsibility and we cannot be responsible for them.


Are chess clocks used in all sections?

Yes, chess clocks are used in all sections.  If your child has not used a chess clock before, a demonstration will be provided.  They are very simple to use.


Is it a knockout tournament?

This is not a knockout tournament.  Children play in every round.


Can my child play in the U9 event on Saturday only, then transfer to the U8 event on Sunday?

We do not allow changes of sections.  It is disruptive for controllers and players alike.  Please choose in advance which event your child would prefer to enter.


Can I transfer my child to a different age section?

No transfers between sections are accepted once the pairings have been done.  If you change your mind more than a day or two before the event, please call and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes.


What can we do between rounds?

Please bring plenty to occupy you and your child over the course of the weekend.  You are free to leave the premises to go for a walk or to the park, but please make sure you are back in good time for the start of the next round.


Will pairings be available online?

We don’t currently publish pairings in real time. However, we try to upload cross-tables as and when we can.


I have entered my child, but we now can't attend.  Can I have a refund?

We don't offer refunds on paid entry fees as this causes an excessive administrative workload for our team, who give up their spare time freely to organise this tournament.

ECF Membership


Why do you offer a discount for ECF members?

We have to pay a fee to the English Chess Federation for every game played by a non-member, which is why non-members have to pay a higher fee.


How much does it cost to join the ECF?

Juniors who have never been an ECF member in the past are entitled to a year’s free silver membership. You can find out more here:



English Closed


Unfortunately due to reduced capacity, we are unable to host the English Closed event in 2022. We very much hope to be able to host it again in 2023.


What is the English Closed event?

The English Closed is an invitation-only event run by Peter Purland.  It is a separate event to the South of England Junior Congress and runs alongside it.


How can my child enter the English Closed?

Entry to the English Closed is open to children who are already members of the National Chess Junior Squad and those who have a Squad half-norm from a previous event. Invitations are usually sent out in December, by email. For further information please contact Peter Purland on petepurland@btopenworld.com.

England trials


What are half norms?

Players obtain a half norm for the England trials by achieving a score of above 50% in any of the qualifying events.  Two half norms are required to enter the trials.  At the South of England children must enter the Under 11 section to try for their half norm, and must be in Year 5 or Year 6 at school (under 10 or under 11) to qualify for the Junior Squad.  A score of 3 or more out of 5 will win a half norm.


Further information on the England trials can be viewed here: http://www.ncjs.co.uk/

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